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When it comes to selecting vitamins and nutritional supplements, one size does not fit all!  You have the power to choose — one dose a day, two a day, three or more.   The chewable vitamins and ‘gummies’ are quite popular not only for the kids but for adults as well.

We have a huge selection of supplements to fit your individual needs and budget, plus our team members are always available to show you what we offer and to answer your questions.  Stop in and let us show you the difference between “tailor made” and “one size fits all”!


Family Farm offers only the finest, highest quality nutritional supplements on the market today.

Family Farm wants to help you make the right choice!

 If I cook with herbs, do I really need to take them?

In a concentrated state herbs are more effective because of their therapeutic benefits. You would need to eat pounds of herbs to get the same benefit as 3 capsules. Think about it! Would you rather have a pound of raw garlic or a few capsules?

Herbs contain within them vitamins and minerals in their natural plant state.  They come in capsule or tincture (liquid) form. Herbal extracts are also found in many all-natural personal care products.

If I eat a healthy diet do I still need vitamins?

The reason we take vitamins is to supplement the nutrients we do not eat in a normal Western diet. If you a vegan or vegetarian diet there is a good chance that you still need more nutrients required for optimal health. Face it, we live in a real world. Eating right and healthy can be tough for some of us. Extra protein may be needed daily to help with hunger or sugar cravings.

Vitamins have been isolated from their original sources and put into a concentrated usable form — tablet, capsule, liquid or powder. Vitamin extracts may also be found in products other than food-grade items.

Protein Powders are very important in our diet. Extra protein helps to keep our muscles in shape and aids in turning off the sugar cravings.  Family Farm has a selection of plant protein powders and whey protein. By the way, they taste good. You can use a protein shake as a meal replacement or a healthy snack, your choice.


We encourage our customers to carefully research the ingredients, manufacturing standards, and raw material sourcing of vitamins and herbs they see in larger discount stores. Some products may come with a cheaper price tag, but when it comes to your health cheaper is not always better!

Family Farm provides our customers with a variety of reference books free for use in our store if you’d like to do your own nutrition research. Our library includes excellent materials on vitamins and herbs for every health concern.

As a special service to our customers we are happy to hold a special item or purchase for you for 48 hours.

We ship anywhere within the 48  Continental United States.


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