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Healthy Foods & Snacks

Yes you can! Go ahead and have a healthy snack.

Family Farm offers you some of the best tasting all-natural snacks at affordable prices.  We carry healthy protein bars, gluten-free cookies and naturally sweetened teas. in addition we also carry organic/fair trade chocolate bars, nuts and assorted juices.  Snack time does’nt have to be boring or taste bad.  Those days are over!

Everyone snacks!

Snacks get us through the day during the afternoon around 3 to 4 pm we need a little ‘pick me up’.  Some folks have a soda and candy bar, some may have tea and biscuit (cookie) or some may have a healthy protein shake.  Whatever your taste, Family Farm is here to help satify your taste buds.

From protein bars to chips and cookies, we’ve got em!  Maybe you’d like some healthy beef jerky and a soda?  Go ahead, we won’t tell because they are healthy.  We have soda sweetened with Stevia and 100% grass fed beef jerky.

Maybe you need to restock the house with gum or mints.  We’ve got you covered there too. Our gums and mints are sweetened with Xylotol which just happens to be a sweetner that is safe for people watching sugar and it is also a decay preventive for your teeth.  So enjoy!

Waters and juices are something that are a staple in the store. With our hot Texas summers it is always wise to carry water with you where ever you go. Our water is ice cold!

Come in and look for a sample of our snacks.  Try before you buy.

We also offer a 10% case discount for affordability and convenience.  Consider healthy instead of sugary, natural instead of processed.  Stop by and stock up today!




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