Healthy Weight Management


What is the weight loss product du jour?  From TV shows to magazine ads to news articles. Maybe it’s a  ‘helpful’ neighbor or a late-night infomercial but everyone seems to offer a solution to the problem of obesity.

Family Farm has many products that address metabolic and weight concerns. Whether you need help with sugar cravings or you just want to lose 10 lbs for your daughter’s wedding.  Or what about adding more muscle?  We carry a variety of protein shakes and other food items created specifically for these matters.


We could write a book on protein. How do you get protein in your diet? Meats, fish, beans and legumes? If you eat a vegan diet, how do you get an adequate amout of daily protein?

Family Farm has plant based protein powders that are 99% absorbable. Whey protein shakes are good for meal replacements or snacks.  They taste good! Our chocolate and vanilla are of course the most popular flavors.  The pina colada, strawberry and orange cream flavors are great tasting too!  Finally,we carry unflavored protein that you can add to your recipes for extra benefit.


We could write another book on this topic.  Let’s face it, sugar just tastes good! It has been called nature’s first ‘narcotic’ and for that very reason it is an addictive substance. Be it good or bad, sugar is basically in everything we eat.  Whether it is naturally in the food or added, it is there.

If you are looking to replace sugar in your diet we have a selection of local honey, Stevia and Xylotol that are sure to please.  We sell Succanat and raw sugar if you prefer.


Cinnamon is a wonderful supplement for turning off the sugar craving.  The cinnamon you purchase in the grocery store is used for seasoning dishes that you are making.  The cinnamon you purchase in a health food store is more of a therapeutic grade quality.

*A word of caution-never give your pets a treat made with sugar or any sugar replacements. It can have serious consequences to their health.

Contemplating weight loss surgery?  The staff at Family Farm has helped many people with choosing the right protein shakes, liquid and chewable vitamins for pre- and post- surgery.

Come in and look at our products or order over the phone.  We will ship your order trhe same day.


*As always, please check with your physician before taking any supplements.

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