Debbie Alton — Reflexology, Raindrop, Touch of Healing/Reiki

Debbie Alton is one of Family Farm’s practitioners with a highly credible list of Certification. Having seen many clients in her practice, Debbie knows how to help her client feel better with lasting results.

What is foot reflexology? Foot reflexology uses the reflex points on the top and bottom of the feet to help stimulate a healing response to the physical body.  Through gentle ‘hands on’ pressure and essential oils applied to the reflexes, a signal is released to the corresponding area in the body. This stimuli through touch may alleviate pain and discomfort within the body systems.  Additionally, foot reflexology is safe for everyone at any age.  

What is Raindrop Therapy? Raindrop therapy is a mild detox therapy using 9 essential oils dropped along the spine in a fashion that feels like raindrops. The Raindrop technique was developed by D. Gary Young founder of Young Living oils, drawing from his experience with Native Americans wellness traditions. This highly therapeutic treatment is relaxing and gentle although amazingly effective.  Raindrop therapy works on a physical, mental & emotional level returning the body to balance. 

What is Touch for Healing/Reiki?  This technique is an energy based approach to health and helping the body heal naturally. Practitioners use their hands in an intentional heart centered way to support and facilitate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and wellness. This non-invasive therapy uses the hands to clear energy and balance human and or environmental energy fields. This in turn positively affects the the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health of the client.  The goal is restore balance and harmony to the energy system.

Alton attended Derwen Holistic Institute and graduated with credentials as an internationally certified/Level II advanced reflexologist recognized in 33 countries.  She received a Touch of Healing Practitioner Certification from the Touch of Healing Institute.

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The purpose of this webpage is for information only.  In no way should information contained be used to treat or diagnose any medical condition. 

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