Kathy Norris — Iridology

Kathy Norris D.Ir., C.C.I.I.

Certified Comprehensive Iridologist/Instructor

Owner, Family Farm Health Food Store

27920 Tomball Parkway, Suite 240

Tomball,  TX  77375

281 351 4372

Iridology is an ancient science of viewing the iris and sclera of the eyes for assessing the genetic, emotional, nutritional and behavioral aspects of an individual.  This is the only area of the body that the nerve endings are actually seen.  By taking a picture of the iris you will see for yourself the in-depth meanings of this placement.

Iridology is very helpful for determining why things keep happening to us regarding our health and wellbeing.  For some of my clients that are adopted with no idea of any biological past history, an iridology session can be an important piece of ‘missing’ information to them.  Genetic imprints are seen in the iris and can help us understand our biological history.  Iridology is safe and recommended for everyone in the family.

How we eat ,drink, think, live and love can all be seen within the iris.  Come see for yourself how iridology can help to improve your health and set you on a better path to life!


Please call the store to make an appointment.  281-351-4372

Most appointments range from 1 to 1.5 hr.

Kathy Norris D.Ir, C.C.I.I.

Current Past President IIPA (2017-

IIPA Prestident 2014-2017

IIPA Vice President 2011-2014

IIPA Treasurer 2009-2011

2016 Voted ‘Iridologist of the Year’



The iris that is blue, a Lymphatic type shows an over-acid state within the body plus a Lipemic Diathesis which could indicate a need for attention of the circulatory system.

The brown or Mixed Biliary iris in this case shows us a need for more minerals and increases absorption of nutrients.

It is quite clear that this client is needing support for the right leg, kidney and respiratory system.

The sclera holds valuable information too.  The above picture shows indication of our client needing to support the kidneys and adrenals with nutrients for optimal function along with nurture to the bladder and back.

It does seem hard to fathom that the eyes can hold such secrets  or information about our body, behaviors or emotions.  Is it possible that our Creator gave us multiple non evasive ways of seeing how our could need attention?  Sure, an ex-ray machine can look deep inside and give us indication of what is happening while a mirror allows us to see everyday physical changes. Keep in mind however, the eye is more than the window to the soul,  It is a sensitive network of nerve endings tied to every organ and system in your body. It is truly a reflection of how we eat, drink, think, live and love.

Kathy Norris D. Ir. is available to teach private classes for certification of Iridology from the International Iridology Practitioners Association.  This ancient art and science is taught in a two part program educating the student in correct terminology, proper marking of signs and pigmentation, general sclerology and constitutional typing.  An anatomy and physiology course is necessary to complete the course for certification.

Contact Kathy Norris at 281-351-4372 for an appointment or to check class schedule.

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